What’s the latest in the news of pharmacy? Well, the pharmaceutical giant Bayer is trying to buy a big American company and with that will have enormous control of our lives.

imageThe American company Monsanto refused the offer of the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer. This takeover offer was worth it 62 billion dollars. As reported by the world media, Monsanto is not satisfied with the offered price of 122 dollars per share, a total of 62 billion dollars, and asks for more. Committee of Monsanto, according to the company, unanimously looks on a proposal from Bayer as incomplete and financially inadequate. The Committee, however, is open to continuing the talks to assess whether the transaction, which is in the best interest of the shareholders Monsanto, can be achieved. This was said by the source from the company. Well-known German pharmaceutical company Bayer has offered 62 billion dollars for the purchase of the controversial agrochemical company.

03_5070411By connecting these the two giants, it would be the birth of the world’s largest producer of seeds, pesticides and genetically modified crops, which could practically control the food production, with a share of as much as 28 percent of the global market. Connection with Monsanto is an excellent opportunity to create a global leader in the agricultural industry. Monsanto is the perfect choice for our agribusiness – estimated previously source from the German company. With this takeover, in which for every action Monsanto has offered 122 dollars, and with this move they have a chance to become a European pioneer in the production of controversial biotech crops. However, a potential concern, which would annually spin whopping $ 60 billion, was met with public outcry, which has been critical of the work of American company.

what-is-cancerMonsanto has been voted for the least popular company on the planet and is under constant accusations of producing GM seeds and pesticides that cause cancer. With the bad reputation that the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying, connection with the hated GMO giant is seen as a new opportunity to increase its revenue at the expense of human health. Relation with food and medicines, two key industries for the survival of mankind, is causing a great mistrust of the population, and people fear their big companies are deliberately poisoning for the sake of research and profitable products. Moreover, the former vice president of the US company once said that the company does not guarantee the safety of their food because their goal is to sell, and the task of the ministry is to control the safety of food. Monsanto, among other things, produces genetically modified soybean seeds resistant to herbicides, which completely kills other plants and growth hormone for the beef. Some researches in England have demonstrated that the both products cause disease in humans. A product that generates the most revenue in Monsanto is a synthetic herbicide glyphosate, around which is currently in Europe raised a big controversy because it is believed to cause cancer and dysfunction of the endocrine system.