MI+American+USA+Election+2015+ballot+box+vote+Presidential+iStockEvery four years, The United States of America choose their president. Everyone is aware of that, but this that moment when people are choosing a new president and not the second term president or his opponent. Barack Obama will soon become a regular citizen, and he will give his presidential throne to some other man or woman. Was his eight-year term perfect? Probably not, but he will certainly receive some plaudits for the fight against terrorism. He is likely to be the most remembered for being the first African-American president, which is important for their struggle against racism, from the sixties through the nowadays. So the two parties, The Republicans, and The Democrats, have to choose their candidates that will represent them.

The battle for the Republican candidate was more exciting. For starters, owner of a hotel chain and TV celebrity Donald Trump has, after many years, announced that he will run for president. The Republican Party did not like this because of his political inexperience and his drastic and radical opinions. They think that his opinions about Mexican immigrants and his opinions about how all Muslims are terrorists will cost them elections. Nevertheless, that does opinions are just wrong. So they gave to the American people number of choices including John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush, etc… However, it turns out that none of them were worthy competitors. trump-759From the beginning of the campaigning, it was clear that Trump will win his candidacy. The most surprisingly was the campaign of Jeb Bush, who was, of course, the most famous for his family connections with two ex-American presidents. People thought that because his father and his brother were in the White House, he would know how to spoil Trump’s plan of going to the Washington. He was not worthy competitor and others tried to beat Donald Trump, Some of them succeed of beating him in some states, but in the end Trump was sure winner. He even got endorsements of some of them.

MTE4MDAzNDEwMDU4NTc3NDIyBut many predict that the next president of America will be another Democrat. How in 2008 the USA got first African American president, many suggest that in 2016 they will get the first woman president. Many pundits are telling us that for most certain, Hillary Clinton will be the next American president. Everything was set for her nomination even before election campaign started. That’s why we didn’t see famous Democratic politicians as we saw in previous campaigns. Because she was Secretary of state and has the public support, she is the main favorite for the nomination, although Bernie Sanders is trying to be next candidate. He became Hillary’s problem few months ago when he started to receive much support from younger people. But in the end, many suggest that Sanders cannot beat her, because of her advantages from the beginning. Some people even say that Hillary is the right candidate because some people claim that the USA didn’t have good president since her husband Bill, and we all remember his scandals. It’s funny how things change and also how everything has to have with family connections.