Earlier, or if you want to say it, back in the day, people watched movies when they went to movies or when some film was on TV. Today, we have that pleasure to watch movies in all kinds of ways. That is how the job of a film critic became even easier. If you say – what’s difficult in being a movie critic then we don’t have anything to talk about.Maggie-5

When I was a kid, there was nowhere we could hear about some movie. Maybe if we read TV guide we could find some title that is recommended for us. And look at us now, sitting here drinking Chateau de Chassilier. 9If you are not familiar with this sentence, then go and watch everything from authors of Monty Python, the real geniuses. One of the main film critics in life was the owner of the video store, which could you recommended a great comedy or a good thriller, a specialty has always been a Schwarzenegger film (as a special genre, of course). In any case, I am sorry that Schwarzenegger is not filming movies like this when I was little and visited the video store because this would be a great unknown both for me and for the owner of the video store. Schwarzenegger is here in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, starring as a sad lumberjack, and has a daughter that suffers from apathy that disease. Unlike the classic movie genre, where the bitten person for seven or eight minutes transformed into zombies, here we have the whole movie for it. Do you have figured out, it’s a metaphor for the sickness and the consequences that leave for those who are going through their final days and their loved ones? Maggie relies on the current post-Walking Dead world, which is in the movies, in addition to speeding the zombies, completely ok to stop and mourn those who are no longer with us. 

Zombie girl plays little actress from a movie called Little Miss Sunshine, who plays in some independent (semi) hit, just to remind us that she grew up and that time passes, and we all grew older. Arnold is unexpectedly great in the role of the father who cannot come to terms with the fact that it is impossible that in the final seconds to save the world, and all be happily ever after. Plus, Schwarzenegger as great in this movie when he cried and he surely made us crying watching him this movie. But not in a negative way, like we cried while we watched some of your awful movies or we cried at the end of Terminator when he sacrificed. He was actual, in this movie a good actor.

In conclusion, this is an excellent movie for the first date with a girl, who said that she likes independent movies and Walking Dead series. If you are not in a dating world, then this is a good movie if you want to assure yourself that Schwarzenegger is not a bad actor.