Donald Trump is in the news again, and it’s not something he said about immigrants and Muslims. This newly founded problem is related to his business in the eighties.immigrantsheathrow

Donald Trump has been linked with the mafia boss who is also known as Fat Tony (not The Simpsons related), according to an article by Pulitzer Prize winner David Kay Johnston. Johnston claims that Salerno Construction Company built the Trump Tower and Trump Plaza building. He points out that Trump made a deal with a man who was involved in racketeering. news_trumpHowever, this is not the first time that Tramp cooperated with Fat Tony, but this text offers the most extensive documents and witnesses by which the two were linked. Instead of using what industry is – standard steel, Trump has built his building using only ready-mixed concrete. The available documents showed that Trump paid a large sum of money to the companies of Fat Tony and material used in the construction was faster, but not so safe. Of course, he made that there were no troubles with the unions so they wouldn’t raise a fuss about it. Complete agreement was made by lawyer Rob Cona, one of the close associates of Trump.

However, Donald Trump claims that he does not remember that he had made such a deal and also denies that he has anything to do with the Mafia. Based on the research and documents in which Johnston had access shows that Salerno had a hand in the building of Trump empire during the ’80s. Back then, he was at the head of the company S & A Concrete but was also associated with very influential unions.

As Johnston argues, the company started operations after the enormous payments for the construction of Trump Tower. Thus, according to the writings of Johnston, Tramp paid for the use of the problematic concrete, and trade unions, who could argue, left to the entrepreneurs. But with Cona as a lawyer, Trump had no reason to fear that the company S & C will not agree to a deal. In return, Trump got a union of peace, which means that the project will not be confronted with a set of construction or delay. Otherwise, Fat Tony in 1988 was sentenced to 70 years in prison and died in 1992. The contract to build Trump Plaza is estimated at nearly $ 8 million. In his text, Johnston stated that Trump also worked with John Cody, who was associated with the Gambino Mafia family. However, Trump denies these claims as well. While Donald Trump pursues his presidential campaign, his opponents, and media reports suggests an association between Trump and the mafia. Therefore, the CNN said that the Trump Plaza was constructed using concrete and that this is an industry that is primarily in the hands of mobsters. We will see how these, current events, will affect the presidential campaign of this new politician. But, he always looks like a man who doesn’t sweat a lot, so I believe that this will nor represent some problem for him.